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Customer Testimony,"The bottle is a very high quality material and quite durable."

by Arianne Jennifer Reyes January 16, 2017

We would like to share some testimonials from some of our customers that helped give our bottles a 4.5 rating on Amazon. You can find this review and others like that at our Goglass Amazon Store.

I have been using the avent glass bottles for my son. But after his first birthday we wanted to win him from the bottle to a sippy cup. I was very escrows to try this cup! I love that it comes with both the nipple and sippy spout. I haven't seen another bottle come with both. The sippy spouts dentally have to purchased separately. Also this bottle came with the handles and a silicone bumper, both of which generally have to be purchased separate. The bottle is a very high quality material and quite durable. The sippy spout and nipple also are very durable! Nice thick silicone that you won't rip just by washing! All in all I do recommend! Also the borosilicate glass is durable but lightweight. This is much lighter than my avent bottles were!

Arianne Jennifer Reyes
Arianne Jennifer Reyes