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Why You Should Use a Glass Water Bottle

by Shawn Gibson April 26, 2017

Plastic is not good for our environment, and we use far too many plastic water bottles each day. Here's more on why you should use a glass water bottle.

So, you're trying to stay healthy by drinking the recommended amount of water each day, and you're thinking about purchasing a water bottle to help you stay on track. 

Good for you. Drinking water is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. Not only does water hydrate your body, it also helps promote weight loss, keep your complexion clear, and increases your energy levels. 

But, there's something that many people do that actually sets their water drinking efforts back a few steps. 

Believe it or not, the bottle you drink from actually matters a lot. 

The best bottle you can drink from is actually a glass water bottle. That's right! When it comes to water bottles, plastic is the enemy. 


Read this article to discover why a glass water bottle is the best choice. 

Environmentally Friendly

Plastic does harm the environment. 

We throw away enough plastic a year to circle the earth four times, and seeing as it can take up to a thousand years for plastic to degrade, this isn't good news. 

And if you think switching to a reusable plastic water bottle or a stainless steel one is the next best option, think again. 

In order to be manufactured, reusable plastic bottles and stainless steel both consume a ton of energy and resources. 

A glass water bottle, however, doesn't have the severe environmental impact that steel and plastic do. It is resource sufficient and fully recyclable. 

Body Friendly

If you've been drinking from a plastic or steel bottle, the environment shouldn't be your only concern. 

Your body is at risk as well, as plastic containers can actually contaminate and poison your drinking water. 

This is because plastic contains BPA- an extremely harmful chemical that can lead to hormone imbalances, increased blood pressure, obesity, and many other harmful diseases. 

And it doesn't take long for BPA to get into our system. One Harvard study discovered that just one week of exposure to plastic bottles can lead to a significant increase in BPA levels. 

BPA and harmful chemicals are a non-issue for glass, so you can rest easy knowing your body won't be harmed.

Better Taste

The icky contamination that plastic causes aren't just bad for your body, it also can make the water taste kind of funky. 

To keep water tasting its purest, drinking from a glass water bottle is always the best idea. 


The big selling point for reusable plastic bottles is that they are indestructible. 

And while glass is much more fragile than plastic, there are actually a lot of companies working to produce glass water bottles that aren't so easily destructible. 

Look for glass water bottles made from borosilicate. It's an extremely durable glass material that can withstand high and low temperatures, isn't as prone to breaking, and is extremely lightweight. 

Glass Water Bottle: The Best Choice 

If you are looking to do the environment, your body, and your taste buds some good, glass water bottles are definitely the way to go. 

Contact us today with any questions you may have about making the switch to glass water bottles. 


Shawn Gibson
Shawn Gibson