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About Us

We love the beauty and pure water of the Rocky Mountains! That is why we started GoGlass a small family-owned business situated in Colorado Springs, CO. We want our products to be both beautiful and safe for the whole family.

Taking water to the work place, travels, events and even parks is a common phenomenon in Colorado. Unfortunately, most of the bottles that are normally used are made of plastics and are prone to having chemicals such as BPA, PVC, BPS, phthalate, polycarbonate and even lead that contaminate water. These chemicals are harmful to ones health since they have negative health effects, so we decided to come up with products that are chemical free and are safe for your health.

Our products are very durable compared to other bottles in the market simply because we use Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is the same material that was used originally in all Pyrex products making the glass both resistant to breaking and able to withstand large temperature differentials. GoGlass is not only very strong and durable, but are environmentally friendly since they are reusable.

We also lovingly created several top-rated types of glass water bottles that are tailored to meet a variety of ages. These bottles include; kids bottles, baby feeding bottles and water bottles that are very safe especially for the whole family. We love to hear from our GoGlass customers!

Do not hesitate to write me should you have questions or comments. We personally read each and every email that comes in.

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Shawn Gibson
Founder of GoGlass